Business IT

We are able to provide your business with complete IT support; sales, installations, maintenance, recovery, repairs, training, we do it all.

Whether you have an existing IT system that just needs to be maintained, or you need a compltely new IT system, or somewhere in between, we can help!!

No job too small, no problem too complicated!!

Help & Support

Whatever computer help or support you need, Provide IT will be able to facilitate. Our commitment to you is that we'll do our utmost to help you overcome all your computer problems and challenges.


We're able to provide for all your computer learning needs, whether you need to a tutorial on how to turn on your computer, advanced programming tips, or somewhere in between. Our IT qualified trainer has years of training experience and a lot of patience!

Provide IT will fully customise your tutorial according to your experience and requirements.

Remote Support

No matter where you are, if you've got access to the Internet, we're able to easily work with you to establish a remote connection. This will enable us to either take control of you're computer in order to investigate and fix your computer issues remotely (without having to come out to you), or to clone your screen (make a live copy while you're in control), so we can see what is causing your problem, .

Don't worry, you will need to first download and install the software and then approve every remote support session, before it can occur.

Provide IT's Remote Support is ideal if you need:

  • To install or configure software
  • To carry out scanning or diagnostics
  • To address security issues such as spyware and viruses
  • To carry out time critical changes, to get you up again in a hurry
  • Show us what's happenning, so we know what to explain or fix

Onsite Support

If the problem is a bit more difficult, or you'd prefer not to use remote support, we're always able to come out to you for an onsite visit.

Offsite Support

If the problem is really tricky, we can always bring the computer back to our workshop and fix it there, or you can also arrange with us to drop it by yourself.

Maintenance & Repairs

We'll work together with you to help prevent or minimise problems, with our maintenance services. If your computer system continually crashes or freezes or is broken down, has been infected infected by a virus, or is causing you problems, we'll be there with our bag of computer techniques and knowledge, in order to get your system back up and running.

Preventative Maintenance

A proactive approach to maintenance helps to avoid downtime and reduce problems.

We can either help you set up your maintenance procedures, or come and do them for you.

Preventative Maintenance procedures include:

  • hardware cleaning and service
  • Anti-virus update & system check
  • Back-up check
  • Security audit
  • Critical software updates

Data Backups

For the majority of users, data backup is an important, but often overlooked procedure.

When not carried out, it could mean the loss of all your images, emails and documents, should a catasrophic system failure occur,

Hardware Repairs

With todays solid state circuitry, its usually cheaper to the replace than repair, but in the cases where that's not the case or where a simple component can be replaced, we can help.

System Recoveries

If your system has broken down,

System Restores

If your system has been infected by a virus, or its been filled up by bloatware (software you don't need), a system restore is sometimes needed.

We can do either an Operating System re-install, or a Factory Restore, with or without retaining your data.

Data Recovery

In the unfortunate case that you haven't done a recent data backup and your existing hardware has given up the ghost, or you've been infected by a virus, we are often able to recover your data for you.

Purchases & Installation

Unless you're really familiar with the latest technological trends, it's usually difficult to know what you really need to purchase and how to install it.

Technology Consulting

Keeping up with todays ever changing technology is very difficult nowadays. Our technology expertise enables us to provide you with information on the various possible technology options that you have and also to make recommendations.

You'll be delighted with the improvement in productivity that your business will experience and with our highly competitive rates.


Our philosophy is to have the right tool for the job, which for the majority of home users means a modern, economical computer and peripherals (printer, scanner, keyboard, modem etc) that work reliably.

Before you make any purchases, consider having a chat with us and see if we can help you understand what you could have, what you really need and the pros and cons of the various options.


If you've purchased any hardware or software from us, we'll come and install it for free.

We also happy to help if you're having installation problems with hardware or software that you purchased earlier or elsewhere.

If you're moving house or re-arranging your setup, we can also help with de installation and reinstallation of your computer systems, including networks and printers.


Nowadays, there is a lot of high quality free software (Freeware) available. We can advise on freeware options for your software needs and if needed we can also download and correctly install them for you.

Of course, if you are used to a particular program, or if there is no suitable freeware to meet your particular requirement, we can either assist you in its purchase and insatallion, or aquire and install it for you.


We are able to provide any equipment that you may need.

See our Equipment section for more details

Networks and Broadband

No matter what your networking needs are, we can help with advice, installation, audits and tuning of your network, both home and internet.


Here are some of the networking services that we provide:

  • Setup and trobleshooting of wireless networks
  • Setup and audit of wireless security
  • Networking multiple PCs and sharing files between computers
  • Supply of routers, network printers and drives
  • Setup of network printers or drives

Broadband Internet

Provide IT is able to help with all your Broadband including:

  • advice on the choices, advantages, disadvantages and costs associated with the different types of broadband
  • advice on the choices, advantages, disadvantages and costs associated with the various telcos
  • Supply of appropriate modem
  • Setup and configuration of your broadband modem
  • Setup and install of 3g modems, aerials and repeaters (signal boosters)

We can provide these services for the following types of broadband:

  • ADSL
  • ADSL2+
  • Satellite Broadband
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Fibre Broadband
  • Mobile Devices